SPY # ROW support act for Nazareth!!!

+++ Breaking News +++ 1968 ⏪: In Scotland, 3 boys from a small town decided to found a rock band. What nobody knew – this band was supposed to sell more than 60 million albums and set the beginning for hard rock and heavy metal together with @uriahheepofficial , @blacksabbath , #DeepPurple and @ledzeppelin 🤘 We are talking about #Nazareth! ️

Now it’s out and official! We are extremely proud to announce that we will support the hard rock legends on their 50th anniversary tour in Germany and Switzerland 😍 In total, we will play 7 shows. The dates:


25.11.2019: Hamburg (GER) | @markthallehamburg
28.11.2019: Brunswick (GER) | #westandbraunschweig
29.11.2019: Dresden (GER) | #TanteJu
30.11.2019: Kiel (GER) | @raeucherei_kiel – Kiel
01.12.2019: Dortmund (GER) | @musiktheaterpiano
05.12.2019: Stuttgart (GER) | @lka_longhorn
06.12.2019: Rubigen (CH) | @muhle_hunziken

With hits like LOVE HURTS, THIS FLIGHT TONIGHT or DREAM ON, NAZARETH has conquered all big stages around the world!
Tickets for the shows can be found at the ticket dealer of your choice or at: https://bit.ly/2NMHsnD

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