More than a dozen years spent together as a band clearly show that despite their youth, they are absolutely no beginners. SPY # ROW is a remarkable band in every aspect: They know each other since birth and playing live shows since 14 years now - the youngest member of the band celebrated 2018 his 21st birthday in 2018. Sam Jaeger, Tim Jaeger and drummer Arian Gerhardt are one unit . You can tell that in every second you listen to the band and - above all - see the them.

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Rock music transports emotions like no other genre, and it also shows how much craft it takes." This is the message of the guys from SPY # ROW. In this case modern Heavy Rock, which impresses the audience - young or old. "Brothers for lifetime" is the slogan. SPY # ROW is one unit: For the trio, "band" means more than just a group of musicians who enjoy making music together. "Band SPY # ROW" stands for brotherly cohesion, following the same dreams and the common pursuit for one thing - that's the strength of this band.

Musically, they don´t want to be limited by a strict classification in their style. Intentional the band shows different facets and manages to surprise the audience over and over again. During a show, this creates a varied atmosphere . The songs are modern, individual and unmistakable. Recognition value: Frontman Sam Jaeger's rough voice and distinctive songwriting with rough passages, paired with very melodic parts and catchy choruses. If you take a look at the lyrics of SPY # ROW, you'll get a insight into the guys heads - because it reflect the trio's experiences and emotions.

Sam Jaeger | Vocals | Bass
Tim Jaeger | Guitar | Vocals
Arian Gerhardt | Drums

On APR 26 2019 the debut album BLOOD BROTHERS by SPY # ROW appeared under the banner of the music label Fastball Music. With this album they will support the Scottish Hardrock-Band NAZARETH on their GIANTS OF ROCK tour 2019 in Germany and Switzerland.

2018 should be a very successful year for the Hessians. After recording a full LP and a music video in the spring, SPY # ROW played numerous shows on popular stages throughout Germany.

2017 the trio reached on the one hand the Emergenza Germany Finals in Cologne and on the other hand were able to support the US-Band W.A.S.P on stage.