More than a dozen years spent together as a band clearly show that - despite their youth - they are by no means involved with beginners. SPY # ROW are an extraordinary band in every aspect: They know each other from birth and have been performing as SPY # ROW for more than 14 years - while the youngest member of the band 2018 celebrated his 21st birthday. Sam Jaeger, Tim Jaeger and drummer Arian Gerhardt are a well-rehearsed team. You can tell that in every second you listen to the band and - above all - watch it.

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Rock music conveys emotions like no other genre, and it also shows how much power there is in music. At least that is the message of the guys from SPY # ROW. In this case, modern heavy rock, which thrilled the audience, whether young or old. “Brothers for life” is the slogan. SPY # ROW are one unit. Everyone perfectly knows each other and can rely on him. That’s what makes this band that strong.

SPY # ROW inspire with energetic and melodic rock, which they always breathe their own modernity, so that their songs are absolutely worthy of the year 2019. However, SPY # ROW doesn´t want to be limited by classification in their style. The songs are modern, individual and unmistakable. The rough voice of frontman Sam Jaeger and a salient songwriting with partial raw passages, paired with very melodic parts, are a band-typical style to express feelings like joy, anger, fear, love or thoughtfulness.

Sam Jaeger | Vocals | Bass
Tim Jaeger | Guitar | Vocals
Arian Gerhardt | Drums

On APR 26th 2019 the Debut-Album BLOOD BROTHERS was released under the Banner of the label Fastball Music. von SPY # ROW unter dem Banner des Musiklabels Fastball Music.

2018 should be a very successful year for the Hessians. After recording a full LP and a music video in spring, SPY # ROW played numerous gigs on popular stages throughout Germany.

2017 the trio reached on the one hand the Emergenza Germany Finals in Cologne and on the other hand were able to support the US-Band W.A.S.P on stage.